MISSHA The Style 365 Save Stick Lip Balm [Moist & Matt-Finish] 3g

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Made in: South Korea

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Lip Balms

Stick-type lip balm for 365 days of soft, moist and healthy lips. Contains Aqua Moisture 24 for long-lasting hydration and berry ingredients for soothing and protection. Add a subtle, natural glow to your dry lips!

★ Moist & Glow → radiant & healthy lips
★ Moist & Vital → natural pink color lips
★ Moist & Matt-Finish → natural matt lips


Moist & Glow
Moist & Matt-Finish

Moisturized lips anywhere and anytime!

▶ Containing Aqua Moisture 24 (Linseed, Aloe Vera Leaf, Burdock, Okra Fruit extracts) and 3 types of Berry ingredients (Juniper Berry, Cloudberry, Black Crowberry), it helps to moisturize and protect lips healthy
▶ Glow benefit : Kukui Nut Oil helps make radiant and healthy lips (Moist & Glow)
▶ Vitality benefit : Camellia oil ingredient and natural pink color help make lips vitalized (Moist & Vital)
▶ Matt-Finish benefit : Coconut ingredient helps care lips naturally not greasy (Moist & Matt-Finish)

How to use

After pulling out an appropriate amount, apply gently following lips line.

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